– Lombok pictures (part 1)–

A risefield was broken and the water kept coming on the road. our bemo's engine crashed and they had to fix it along the way, it took about one hour.

We are waiting for a car rentingcompany to come around..

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Me and the car rental man who finally came, unfortunatly he couldnīt understand anything we said. He just laughed to everything. He was a really funny guy.

Listen to the the laughing man in Real Audio.

Market sight in Mataram, Lombok

On the market, red, hot and delicous! :-)

Very cute animals, like dogs but a little more shy


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RealAudio-files is played in your speakers while sounddata is loaded to your computer. It is called  streaming RealAudio. Thanks to the streaming you donīt have to wait for the whole file to be downloaded before it starts playing.

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