Salmon and seatrout in the streams of Stockholm

The fishing in the streams of Stockholm is nowadays worldfamous. Up to one thousand salmon and seatrout are caught in the stream of Stockholm city itself every year. The nearbye areas, which often only are reached by boat are as good or even better, especially for seatrout

Fishing salmon and seatrout is never simple. Therefor the chances increases radicaly when fishing with a experienced guide. The guide knows the area and where to find the fish. Sometimes it can also be a good idea for experienced fishermen to go on a guided tour. All fishermen knows how long time it takes to learn a new area and what is the cost for that? Fishing with us you have many years of experience directly served to a approximately low price.

Our fishingtrips with boat in this area starts 10 nautical miles east of Stockholm. And all the way in to where the city stream itself divides the Royal castle from the Opera house and Grand hotel entering the salt sea. The fishing here have periods when it is extremely good and most people here are fishing from land, we fish from the boat and have acess to all the good spots. A very special fishing in a very special environment.

We also arrange fishing from land with experienced guide in this area. Especially during october this can be tremendously "hot" with very exciting fishing in hard stream for salmon and seatrout with high mediumweights. Big salmons more than 20 kg and seatrouts more than 13 kg has been taken here.

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