The best seatroutfishing in the world

When it comes to the seatroutfishing in the archipelago of Stockholm it´s probably better than ever before. Generally all the streams in the county nowadays have stabil and growing populations of seatrout who reproduce themselves. There are also major put out of juvenile seatrout and salmon in large amount every year in Stockholm stream. On top of that it is also massive put out of delay released seatrout in different areas in the archipelago. The last mentioned have very good survival and the number have increased from 20 000/year to 100 000/year. The seatrout in the archipelago have very high mediumweight, fish between 3-5 kg are common and bigger are not unusual.

Seatroutfishing is never simple. Therefore the chances increases radicaly when fishing with a guide who has experience. The guide knows the areas and where to find the trout. Sometimes it can also be a good idea for fishermen with experience to go on a guided tour. All fishermen knows how long time it takes to learn a new area and what is the cost for that? Fishing with us you have many years of experience directly served to a approximately low price.

To efficient fish seatrout it is important with fast movement between spots and to cover large areas. Often we only make a short stop in one place before moving to next inparticular when the fishing is a bit off. When fishing is better, we stay longer on each place.

The boat we mainly use for this fishing is an Finnspeed patrol with a v6 engine. This boat is 7.5 m, fast, stabil and comfortable. There is a warm cabin with cooking possibilities. This is very valuable because the seatroutfishing is best in early spring, late autumn and winter. The boat have room for four guests and guide.

Big pike in Furusund Salmon and seatrout in the streams of Stockholm