Big pike in classic Furusund

Furusund is a area of the archipelago which is famous for its big pikes. Big pikes around 20 kg have been caught in this area. The really big pikes are mainly caught during spring when they come for reproducing in shallow water. By that time they have the highest weight. The fishing are good or more like it very good all the season. Maybe its a bit down during the warmest period in summer(but that period other type of fishing is good). The pikes in this area have an average high mediumweight, fish more than 5 kg is common and the really big ones more than 10 kg is not unusual. The fact is if one is hunting for specimenpike in Sweden this area together with another place have to most catch.

This area also have a very good seatroutfishing which is little explored compare to other so called "hot spots" in the archipelago of Stockholm. During summer this area can give a very good and exiting fishing with ultraweight equipment. There is catch of perch, pike and pikeperch, extremely exciting with the ultraweight equipment.

Pikefishing, especially when looking for the bigger ones is not easy. Therefor the chances increases radicaly when fishing with an experienced guide. The guide knows the areas and where to find the big pike. Sometimes it can also be a good idea for experienced fishermen to go on a guided tour. All fishermen knows how long time it takes to learn a new area and what is the cost for that? Fishing with us you have many years of experience directly served to a approximately low price.

In this area we arrange trips all the season. Time of the year makes the choice of fishing. During spring and autumn it is often suitable and appreciated with a combined pike- and seatrout-fishingtrip. On top of the mostly very good fishing it`s also a wonderfull nature for free. Garanted valuable experience.

The boat we mainly use here is 5 m, fast and seaworthy. In this boat we can take two guest and the guide.

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