Fishery protection

Limnologi & Fiskevård(transl. to eng. Limnology&Fishery protection) has an width competence and deep base of knowledge within this area. We have the experience and a high academic level. We have a width net of contacts in the branch. We have good contacts with The National Board of Fishery, Counties, Communities, Universities and many private organisations. It is importent to have access to latest fact and knowledge to do your assignments in the correct way. We are your powerful cooperative with the capability to do your assignments with high quality.

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Simon Ridderborg was among other things projectleader at The National Board of Fisherys Freshwaterlaboratorium and worked with a project called "Riksfiskinventering-96"(eng. national inventory of fish 96). This project was giving some interesting results especially concerning the issues of acidification. The project was giving a lot af attention in media.

Simon Ridderborg has following published reports:

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