Fishing with professional guide in the archipelago of Stockholm

-The best seatroutfishing in the world with boat and professional guide.

-Big pike in classic Furusund with boat and professional guide.

-Salmon and seatrout in the streams of Stockholm with boat and professional guide.

Package solutions with pickup/leaving, food and all equipment can be arranged. This can be suitable for companys and organisations who want to have a nice, funny and exciting representation for their customers or employees.

A package solution will be convenient for tourist and long distant guests. We also arrange booking, travelling, transfer and overnightstays. You tell us, we fix it.

Other trips in the archipelago can also be arranged: Sealsafari, birdwatching or maybe just for recreation to see the wonderful nature of Stockholms archipelago.

This is what we can do for our guests. We have three boats and all fishing equipment. We are open-minded if you have other suggestions or ideas.

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