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Welcome to Patrik Sandberg's Glorantha page. (Well, actually it's pretty much a Culbrea page right now).

I decided to put up some of the stuff from my Glorantha campaign set in Dragon Pass, Sartar and the Culbrea tribe. Maybe other Gloranthan esoterica will show up as well in the future. I think that the background on the Culbreans may be of some use to other campaigns set in the Dragon Pass area.

Glorantha is a trademark of Issaries, Inc. Gloranthan material is copyright 1997 [or the year of publication] by Patrik Sandberg and by Greg Stafford. Glorantha is the creation of Greg Stafford, and is used with his permission.

Sartar and Culbrea Contents

The fine illustrations you can see on the Culbrea pages have been supplied by one of my players, Jimmy Almén, who is a professional artist. Take a look at other examples of his works on his own homepages.

Campaign log of the Culbrea and Sartar in the 1620's
(Added and begun in April 1998. Last updated May 1998.)

The purpose behind this set of pages is to present the current going-ons in my house campaign. As this campaign has moved into the 1620's, it can also be seen as an example on how to use KoS in what has always been "the future" of Glorantha history. The pages can be seen as an effort to make KoS playable for a bunch of Orlanthi PCs belonging to one of the tribes of Sartar, and how to connect said PCs to the grander schemes of the history of Dragon Pass.

So, jump to the Basic Presentation!
Players of my campaign, please do not read these pages! as it will spoil your enjoyment of the future sessions.


There are a lot of pages on the net about Glorantha, as you probably already know. The best place to view them all is at Kim Englunds linkpage. Here I will only recommend a few I have found very useful, interesting or inspiring. Most of them have a distinctly Orlanthi or Dragon Pass flavour.

Of course you have already taken a look on Issaries Inc's own official Glorantha page. If not, do so. A wealth of information on Glorantha. See were it have been in the past and were it's likely heading in the future. A better introductions to the world than the Lhankor Mhy Library can hardly be found.

Nick Brooke's pages feature material on the Lunar Empire, a selection of stories, as well as his eminent Ephimeris programme for downloading; with this you can get an impression of the Gloranthan sky with all its stars and planets. To me, it doesn't matter the least that this clickable Sky Dome contradicts certain parts of GRoY or other later star material - because it provides a workable model of the sky, and a lot of tedious work must have gone into this one...

David Dunham has probably one of the most info-ladened and comprehensive sites on the net. A wealth of information collected from around the Lozenge. If you want to play in Orlanthi cultures you really can't afford to miss this place. Don't forget to read "Korol's saga", where you can snatch atmosphere, milieu's, NPCs and description to use in your own campaign. I found them highly useful!

Do you want more details on the Holy Country than you found in RuneQuest Companion? If so, Joerg Baumgartner's pages is the place. The geography section on the land of the Pharoah (and above all: Heortland) really adds to the small tidbits we got in the Genertela Pack.

Lee R Insley has taken up the task of collecting all the info or links on the net that can be traced to the homeland of free wine and great tattoos: Sartar. Of especially good value is his links to old Digest-fragments relating to the Orlanthi storm kingdom.

Loren Miller has collected a huge number of articles from the Digest and the Web as well as providing us background from his own Carmania campaign. On his pages are the best article from an un-official source that I have read on the net: Gerald Bosh's "Trade in Genertela" is absolutely excellent and makes it a joy tackling trade and roving Goldentounge's in Glorantha. (If he only had stressed wine and olive oil as well it would have been perfect.)

If you have missed some of the RMM material that have gone out of print you can now find some of it on Michael O'Brien's pages, as well as new odd bits and pieces. (These pages grow more and more with every week - take a look!)

When I read Jane Williams articles on KoS and the Composite History of Dragon Pass for the first time it was a revelation to me. Until then I had never realised how much you can extrapolate from KoS - that ambiguous book. Jane's treatment on Argrath and Kallyr Starbrow shows how open the Hero Wars history can be in your personal campaign thanks to the diversity laid down in KoS.

If you have any questions or comments, please mail me.
The contents on these pages are copyright Patrik Sandberg.