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All the tabs and lyrics in this archive are made possible trough the invaluable efforts of all those musicians who have tabbed them out and they are all the authors own interpertation (unless noted otherwise). All credit goes to them.




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Do you have a tab that I don't? Send it along. I'm aiming to make this archive as complete as possible and that means every song No Doubt has made, ever. You will get properly credited. send to:


  • Håkan Bergman
  • Marco Gaus
  • Sal Delgado
  • Maarten de Jeu
  • "Master Epexy"
  • Woodie Wentworth
  • "FourMinutesLeft"
  • "Nxdxgurlx"
  • "StoAkely37"
Very special thanks to them for sending their tabs along.

Also thanks to:

  • Dennis Pacheco
  • "Andyf110"
  • "Zero" (Andrew)
  • Amy G
  • "SamnMax25"
  • Kat
  • "Wicked Sk8er"
for helping in contributing tabs and lyrics.