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leefo fah, april 21
leefo bree, april 23
leefo tor, april 26
leefo vahgahtor, may 2
leefo heegahfah, may 10
leefo fahsee vaht, may 27
leetor heegahtor, august 30


Shorah and welcome,

This are my notes, thoughts, knowledge, of a great empire, lost. I decided to write down my explorations and discoveries, while I examine the remains of D'ni.

Leefo fah

It is today the first day of our new year. It is a lonely day for me, in a destroyed empire. During thousands of years we have lived as masters, as civilized people, but today...

...I am reminded of the great loss.
I have decided to begin my diary the first day of the year, to see the progress of my work.

I have visited the great halls on Ae'gura, watching and searching for evidence of more survivors. I know there are others. I've met them. There is Veovis, but his explorations take him out into the tunnels, nowhere to be seen.

More kortee'nea. I have found one of the storage chambers in the mainbuilding of my Guild. And there seems to be enough ink and paper here for more to come. I thank my good friend Tekis, that he gave me the book about the Arts of paper and ink. Without that knowledge I would have trouble building new kortee'nea in the future. And since that, and rehgehstoy are important for the survival and rebuilding of D'ni, I am glad I have the knowledge. I know I am but a Linguist, but I have to learn the other parts of D'ni society too.

I have an idea, about a beautiful, and yet simple age. To make life easier there, I will place it on a great reef, behind wavebreaking islands. I also have an idea about a creature, so clean and simple, floating, running through the water. A sun, clear and bright, with green trees changing in the wind. I have decided for three main islands, but I will have to connect them later, perhaps set up a watchtower in the middle.
I think I know what to call it too.

It will be named mI'aish.
And it will be a beautiful place, where I can collect my thoughts, write them down. An eder tomahn for the creation of new ages.
I will begin at once...




Leefo bree

A new day is here.
I have been walking through the upper city today, searching for evidence of survivors or hidden books. I will move everything from my hidden chambers to my new home. My new place of study and peace. It's perfect.

Finally it's all in place. I've been walking around the islands, watching the heh'mahk, the beautiful mammals swimming inside the protection of the reef. The sun sparkles on their shiny skin. I have built two smaller outposts on the connecting islands and a tower in the center, just to be able to watch them closely.
I have called the tower "the second book" to honour the place where I will continue my writings.
On the main island, Shovee, I have decided to put my new home. It's great to walk the ten spans down to the harbour, where I keep the small wooden boat, and the fishing nets.
But for peace and quiet, I go to the Island of going-back. It's where I keep my korvakh for D'ni. The island is covered with high trees, moving in the wind. This place I call kom'heh, but it is not here I study. On the highest point of the islands, on the island of vIkh, I have built a dome, filled with instruments. I plan to study the stars of this beautiful age.

All of my books, all of my knowledge have been moved to a safe place. At the point 38194 torans from the northern and 46875 torans from the eastern, I have placed the secret lock. Only the one that moves it can enter.
I think it will be safe there.

I hope my friend Veovis is back from his explorations. I will go back to look for him, and perhaps show him my new home.

My home in mI'aish...




Leefo tor

I went down into the tunnels today.
They go down into the foundation of kom'heh, into the reef. The problem is that hot water has been filling up the lower parts, and I must be careful. The water might shoot out like a geyser at any time. Perhaps I could use that pressure for hydraulics and machinery on the islands. Perhaps make the observatorium rotate easier.
I have a new idea of an Age. Very simple, with major volcanic activity. I want to study it up close.
Then I have another one. A flat island, huge, with grass all over and plains. With natives, hunting, fishing, surviving. And I will place myself, on the top of the dreaded fire mountain, where the natives never go, and watch how they evolve. How they behave. This will be interesting.

I need more ink from D'ni.
Must go there now.



Leefo vahgahtor

I can't find any more ink. Much of the paper and ink that we had was probably destroyed during the disaster. I will have to create my own ink. Let's see if I remember how. I must relearn what I have learned. Many things are forgotten.

Today I went through the remains of the common library. So much writing, destroyed...
But I found a very interesting journal, inside a small alcove, cleverly hidden behind a wooden panel. The cover is some kind of leather, and golden letters are painted on the front.
It says D'nee. I wonder what's in it. It's very badly burnt and not many pages can be recovered. I'm not good at this kind of work, but know someone who is.

I must find Kedri. He can help where I fail in knowledge. I think he is somewhere on K'veer right now. I will see if he is busy.

We have begun the translation. It seems to describe the common knowledge of D'ni, society, time and long dead friends. The old guildmasters, the five. It's interesting. I know what must be done!
We must collect everything we know, the lost knowledge, in one great volume. A Journal of D'ni.
I must find the others.
Kedri and Veovis should be on K'veer. And if I remember it right, Tasera is somewhere in the upper city.

I will go gather them, so that we can begin our work...




Leefo heegahfah

No, someone not wanted might find my book, finding my most secret place. I can't let that happen.




Leefo fahsee vaht

Finally I have the time to write again. My life has been full of things, taking my time. I now know that there are at least five of us alive so far. New faces and names have shown themselves, and shared knowledge about the old. The things that were. We, Guildmasters and Guildsmen, have decided to open up a circle of study, of learning. Some might call it a Guild within the Guilds, or the Circle, for short. I choose an old D'ni symbol for it, the ten pointed star. One of my sketches here in the margin. The Circle will connect the ones of knowledge, so that we more easily may rebuild the D'ni empire.

Today I went up into the City again, on Ae'gura, to look for more books. There seem to be fewer and fewer of them, so now I really must begin the work of building new ones. I have already sacrificed trees in mI'aish for this task. I actually wrote them after descriptions in the old books, so that they would work as the raw material for rehkortee'nea. One thing I did not think of when I wrote mI'aish was the Ink, so now I have searched the houses in D'ni, trying to find Ages where these beetles exist. I know that the old writers wrote in the beetles in all of their ages in case they would need them, so that shouldn't be too hard to find.

I went to Kahveh today. I don't understand. I thought the island would be calm and peaceful, but there were powerful storms that ripped the trees from the ground, throwing them out into the water, or smashing them against the cliffs. I got afraid of what I had created. I now understand why we had the Guild of Maintainers. Ages like that shouldn't be allowed to be used. I even think the ground is unstable, so perhaps the Volcano will erupt at any moment, shattering the island, or making it disappear in the ocean. I've read about that somewhere. In a book I found when I was on an expedition to the Surface. I think I will rename my second age after that legend. Yes, it sounds like a good name for it. I will rename it ahtlahnt'ees, after the sunken civilization. It reminds me of D'ni, and the fate it suffered. Perhaps it's time to leave that age to it's doom, and begin the creation of a new one.

One must learn from the errors one makes. And so I will. I know now that I was lucky when creating mI'aish. I must now put more work into the writing of the basic structure of the age. And then build the rest upon this powerful, and stable ground.

We'll see what I will create.
Until then,



Leetor heegahtor

Time has passed.
During this time I've met many others, I see the D'ni grow. Everyone have their own story to tell.
Things are passing through my head, ideas, thoughts. If only I had the time to complete them all. That is what I lack. Time.

I had my 60th namingday recently, on leetor 16. So, I'm still young, and have the time before me, but still, one want so much in so little time.

I will not write here very often as time doesn't allow that, so instead I'll be studying, and writing, other things. As you might know I have my story to tell, and that one is not finished, and Now that I have met so many others, we all have a duty to study, learn, and rebuild D'ni.

and hope that time give us all what we want...