"...and welcome to my sanctum. I sit here in my first Age, mI'aish. I have written other Ages, but this is my first, and this is the place I go to gather my thoughts. This is my personal place. My books, my notes. What I believe, what I think. I write down this in my diary, among with reflections and ideas. Here lies the story of my survival. How I could survive the destruction of D'ni. Read, and journey into other worlds, other ages."

"...this is my second Age, G'ahree. I found, what I thought was, an empty kor'nea when I got back to D'ni. In it I wrote G'ahree. But now, after going there, I've found that there were notes in it, something I had missed. Cause when I explored it with my watertransport, I found another island, and traces of civilization."