close kormahn


In a shimmering sea of calm, a volcano lies, 42 spans below the surface. A great coral reef, 124 spans from center to outer boarder, has grown up here. Inside the reef, three larger islands and 32 smaller have grown into existence. The three larger are kom'heh, 29 spans wide, shovee, 52 spans wide and vIkh, 15 spans wide. Two underwater springs go up through the reef, up into shovee and vIkh. These contain temperate drinkable water.
A warm and calm breeze travels with the warm streams of water from the south of the equator up passing by the reef. Corals grow all over the lava rock, building colonies up to a point two and a half spans below the surface.


A soft and streamlined mammal with soft leather skin. The heh'mahk are between one and two spans long, swimming graciously through the water. They move with a strong back fin, two smaller on the sides and two pointier slightly behind the blowhole on the back. They breathe both air and water. The main breathing is done by the blowhole situated on the back of their head. On deeper dives they breathe with their skin, maintaining full capability for almost one gahrtavo. They hunt for smaller fish and shrimps, swimming above the reef, and sometimes beyond. Their cheekbone is flexible so that the mouth can be opened to five times the normal size, used when trapping smaller creatures. They richen their normal food with corals and algae ones or twice a day. They are unafraid and friendly, due to their lack of natural enemies.


The second largest island, placed directly above the volcano. A rocky and old island, with green and yellow trees, two to three spans high, rooted in the soft and rich earth which is half a span thick. On the southern side the rock swiflty moves out into the water, creating a stone beach. On the north-east side, on the highest point of the island, the volcanic activity has split open a deep tunnel, down through the reef. garohevtee-1,432 spans in.

kom'heh fah

on the west side of kom'heh, eight spans away, a smaller island rises from the water, two and a half spans wide.

kom'heh bree

on the west side of kom'heh fah, nine spans away, a slightly larger island rises from the water, four spans wide. A clear and clean surface with a hard foundation below the waterline. Strong and stable.

kom'heh sehn

on the north side of kom'heh bree, eight and a half spans away, a small island rises from the water, three spans wide.


eight spans north of kom'heh sehn and seventeen spans north-west of kom'heh lies a great island. It rises two and a half spans from the surface, almost vertically. A strong and stable lava foundation keeps the island in it's place. It is rocky and free from vegetation.


A huge island, connected to the main structure of the reef, 29 spans wide, with a rocky and sloping westside, one and a half spans high, slowly decending going from west to east. East side slopes into the water forming a small lagoon, one span from bottom to surface. Shovee is covered in one span deep, rich earth, giving minerals and food to the bright, brown-red, grass, completely covering the island, continuing one span out into the water. The unprotected surface gives no true support to larger trees, so only smaller bushes can grow there.