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The Right of Public Access in Sweden allows you to roam about freely or to go camping in the countryside. You are entitled to enjoy the the singing of the birds, the fragrance of the flowers and the silence of the forests. But please...


If you keep the following rules in mind, you will be sure of keeping on the right side of the law in Sweden.

You are perfectly entitled to walk, jog, bicycle, ride or ski across other people's land - provided you do not cause any damage to crops, forests, plantations or fences. But you are not entitled to cross or stay on a private plot without permission - that would be a violation of privacy. The plot, which is not always hedged or fenced in, is the area closest to a dwelling. The people who live there are entitled to do so in peace. This, after all is their private area. If you go through a pasture, you must be sure to close the gate after you. You cannot disturb the animals.

You can tent almost anywhere with the following exceptions. You must have permission to camp near a house or in a developed area or when you camp more than one day in the same place.

Cars, motorcycles, mopeds and other vehicles are only allowed in marked areas.

You can tie up your boat and go ashore and swim on another persons beach, but, not near a house or in a forbidden area.

You must always have your dog under control. Under spring and summer (March 1 - August 20), is it required that dogs must be on a leash.

Fishing with a rod and reel is free along the coast and in the country's five largest lakes. Other lakes, rivers and streams require permission (usually in the form of a license). You are not allowed to leave your lines or hooks in nature. That can be dangerous for both animals and people.

You are not allowed to cut down trees or bushes. It is also forbidden to break off branches or take bark or the white outer bark of a birch tree from living trees or bushes.

You are not allowed to litter. Both animals and people can be injured by broken glass, rusty cans, etc. You must leave a place like you found it.

If there is the slightest risk for fire, you are not allowed to start a "Camp fire". You are responsible for putting out a fire you start before you leave it. If you ignore this, you can be required by the courts to pay for damages if the fire spreads.

You are not allowed to start a fire on a rock or stone. They can split and leave an ugly scar in nature.