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Vacations are great. I thought I would give you a little information on one of my vacations. My goal will be to update this every two or three months. Hope you enjoy it. This vacation was one I took to:


I love Norway. There isn't much more to say. You have fresh air, mountains, water and of course my relatives.

I like Trondheim best of all. It is a nice city that is near the ocean, mountains, fjords and snow. It is also a city with over 1000 years of history. That is probably why I like it most.

Other areas I have been to and enjoyed were Bergen, Oslo and Sundalsora. The train ride between Bergen and Oslo is the best I have ever seen. You must experience it to understand what I mean. I have had a good time in Oslo with its history and shopping. Sundalsora was just beautiful. The mountains shoot up into the sky and when you wake up in the morning, you feel like you are in heaven.

Norway has so much to see, it is hard to describe it. The best thing to do is stop every few kilometers and enjoy the scenery.


Coming This Fall : Scotland