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Gotland is a fun place to visit. Traveling there is not a big problem. There is train and bus service from Stockholm to Nynäshamn. It is here where the ferry leaves from.

Visby is definitely the highlight of Gotland. Visby was a trading center for Northern Europe as early as the 10th century. They have more than 10 church ruins that date back to the 12th century. In addition, they have a wall that they built to protect the city.

Other areas to visit are Fårö with its sandstone formations (Digerhuvud) and the church in Öja (My favorite church in Gotland). A day at Stora Karlsö is also a worthwhile trip (especially if you are interested in birds).

Handicrafts and history are a large part of the Gotland experience. Swimming and beaches are also an important part of the perfect vacation in Gotland.

Stora Karlsö


Öja church

Inside Öja church

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