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If you are not ready for what some people would call radical thinking, leave this page. I have not written this to be popular. The comments and opinions on this page are mine and are here to encourage discussion.


When people start talking about rights, the first thing I think about is the responsibilities that go along with all rights. Rights are only rights when the responsibilities that go with those rights are accomplished.

In society today, kids are going around saying they are not respected and that is infringing on their rights. I say "Bull ****"! Two reasons. First, respect is something you earn. If you don't earn it you don't get it. Second, Where does it say that kids have any rights. You have to be responsible before you can earn your rights. You don't get your rights first and earn them later. This is not another "shop now pay later" scheme.

It is time for people to understand their obligation to society and act like good citizens before they feel that they should have so many of the precious rights they talk about.