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My view of RELIGION


If you are not ready for what some people would call radical thinking, leave this page. I have not written this to be popular. The comments and opinions on this page are mine and are here to encourage discussion.


Wow. Now I have really hit on a tender subject. Religion has been the reason given back of many conflicts throughout the history of time. I prefer to think of religion as something society despirately needs. A positive force in our lives.

I do not believe in the bible or the koran, but I do believe in God. You may say how can you believe in God without being a part of one of the major religions. Simple, I started my own religion. In my religion, only idiots want to kill. Not me. I want to be left to run my own life free from problems from other people.

In a way, I look at God, like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars looked at "The Force". God is a force that leads us to our destiny. I believe that every person has the possibility to live a good life. Your belief in religion is a key to learning morals that help to bind society together. If we lose those morals, our society will decay.

If you believe in God, you probable believe in an after life. This is a key to encourage people to do the decent thing in life. You can believe or doubt the "after death" experiences that people have. It is true that some people do believe. I believe in an after life. It also gives me a reason to follow the morals layed out for me when I was young.

Not to much to complain about with this page. Right?