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My view of POLITICS


If you are not ready for what some people would call radical thinking, leave this page. I have not written this to be popular. The comments and opinions on this page are mine and are here to encourage discussion.


POLITICIANS : There are three qualities you must have to be a politician. First, you must have low morals. Second, you must be capable of looking someone straight in the eye, and lie. Third, you must think only of how you can personally benefit from everything you do. If you don't have these qualities, you shouldn't make a career of politics.

DEMOCRACY : People generally love the idea of having a democracy. In fact, most people would say that a democracy is the best form of government. I say "Are you crazy?". You may ask me why. It is quite simple. Look at the idiots that have been elected to office. They all meet the qualifications of a politician listed above. The quality of people in governments today are so infested with corrupt ideas and slimy morals that it makes me sick.

If you believe in democracy, you should be working to eliminate your own government and replace it with a real democracy.

GOVERNMENTS : Do you really need your government? I know I am right when I say "There is no country in the world today that has a democracy". Many countries claim to have a democracy but don't.

Government cannot solve the problems of the world. In fact, power hungry politicians are generally responsible for the wars and other problems that have plagued us over the past 50 years. Governments can only hide the problems we have. A typical example is unemployment. How many people are really stupid enough to believe that unemployment is as low as the governments say. In the United States, they only report people who are registered for unemployment benefits. I am sorry, but, if I am not getting an unemployment check, I'm not going to waste my time and register. In Sweden, they give people early retirement and send others to schools (to learn about things that cannot guarantee them a job). These people are no longer unemployed. Amazing how that works.


Look back and think, why was your government set up? They were set up to represent the people who didn't have the time to travel and make the decisions that would have an effect on their futures. They sent a person instead to represent their interests. The problem was one of transportation and communication. They could not travel 500 US miles (around 800 kilometers) to vote on issues.

Today, people all over the world can read my views on politics. All people can represent themselves, so there is no further need for representatives. Can you honestly say that the budget passed in your country is something you would have voted for. Of course not. You have a bunch of idiots (representatives) running around and telling you that they have a greater knowledge and understanding of the issues. I will let you in on a secret. They don't know how to spend your money better than you can.

As you can understand, I don't believe in democracy. Why? Because people are not generally capable of making decisions that are in their best interest. In other words, "Slick Willy" can sell you on any idea he wants. It is time for people to wake up.

The best thing people can do for themselves is to get rid of those parasites you have elected to office and start a new era in world politics.