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I was born and educated (University of Wisconsin) in the United States of America. After having many different jobs and getting married to a swedish woman, I have moved to Sweden.

I served in the United States military for 6 years as a Submarine Sonar Technician. In that time I served on board the USS Lapon SSN 661, USS Flying Fish SSN 673 and the USS Groton SSN 694 (Click on each name to see a picture of these boats).

I thought you might want to have a look at our house. We bought it in April 1995 and have worked to improve it ever since (the work never seems to end). We are now living here permanent and love it. You might also want to check out Margareta's Garden.

I have a job as a System Consultant. I am always trying to learn more about computers, so, it looks like I am in the right field now.

I worked out a great deal last year. I competed in the Engelbrektsloppet (which was a 60 kilometer cross-country ski race) and the Vasaloppet (which was 90 kilometer [56 miles]). They were tough, but, I did finish. The picture to the right is me in the Vasaloppet when I went through Evertsberg which is a little past the half-way point.

I live in Järlåsa a small town about 20 miles (30 kilometers) west of Uppsala, Sweden. It is a great area to live in with plenty to do. I designed the Järlåsa home page myself.

I have included my opionions for those of you who like a dose of reality.