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Dalarna is one of Swedens most beautiful areas. There are many old houses and traditions you can experience. If you want to see Sweden as it really is, Dalarna is the place for you.

As far as travel goes, it is best to have a car to experience Dalarna. With a car you have access to a great deal of the hidden pleasures in this area of the country.

Dalarna is also known for its artists. Carl Larsson and Anders Zorn are two of the most famous. A tour of their houses is an interesting experience. Also, don't miss the Dalahäst (Dala horse) in Avesta.

Mora is a beautiful area to visit. It is on the north end of Lake Siljan. Mora is also the finish line for the world famous Vasaloppet. It is also the home of the Vasaloppets museum and the home of Anders Zorn.

It would be a mistake to visit Dalarna without making a visit to the Falun Silver Mine. This mine was one reason why Sweden was a world power for many years. The tour of the mine is interesting and gives you a great deal of the history of the Falun area.

Dalahäst in Avesta

Anders Zorn's home in Mora

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