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If you live out in the country and you like to watch TV, then you need to buy a satelite TV system. In Sweden, you can be hooked up to more than 30 channels.

The channels that are included in this system are dependent on which satelite you use. Here are the channels you can get if you tune in to the most popular satelites:

Sky News
The Computer Channel
The National Geographic Channel
CNN International
TV 3 Sweden
TV 4 Sweden
Kanal 5 Sweden
TV 6 Sweden
The Playboy Channel
TNT (Turner Network Television)
Cartoon Network
TV 8 Sweden
TV 1000 (Film channel)
TV 1000 Cinema (Film channel)
History Channel
TV Norway
TV 2 Norway
TV 3 Norway
NRK1 Norway
NRK2 Norway
The Childrens Channel
The Sci-Fi Channel
TV 3+ Denmark
TV 3 Denmark
TV Denmark
The Travel Channel
BBC Prime
VH-1 (Music channel)
MTV (Music channel)
Country Music Television
DR 2 Denmark
Eurosport (Sports channel)
Canal+ (Film Channel)
Canal+ Gul (Film Channel)