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Sweden is one of the best places in the world to go hiking kayaking or skiing. There is a variety of places and skill levels available for you. Be aware that some of the links contained on this page are only in Swedish.


I personally started to ski downhill in 1995. I learned to ski with the help of my wife at a ski hill in Dalarna. It is called Bjursås Ski Center (pronounced Byur-shos). They have a wonderful staff and a good location and the right resources to insure a good time. The view from the top of the hill is fantastic.

If you ever wanted to prove your manhood. The Vasaloppet is the race for you. It is a 90 kilometer test of strength and endurance.


One of my true loves in life is Whitewater Kayaking. When I say "kayaking", I mean whitewater kayaking. People will talk about the other form, but, anyone who has been bitten by the whitewater kayaking bug will admit that it is the only way to paddle.

There are a few good kayaking clubs in Sweden. We also have some fun whitewater here. One of the good areas to kayak is on the Ljusnan. For information on this river go to Ljusnan Kayak Club.


It is always great to go hiking through the woods. In Uppland, you can take one of the most beautiful trails in Sweden and see a little of Uppland at the same time. The trail is Upplandsleden