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Sara IsakssonHer first album 'Red Eden' was compared with Sheryl Crows first album 'Tuesday night music club'. This because both had influences in country music in their songs. On this album you can find the excellent song 'May (feels nothing at all)'. The album is from 1995 and the year after she released her second album called 'Walking through and by' this album departures from the sound of the first album. She has on this album started to experiment more with her music. 'Walking through and by' sounds a little like Sarah McLachlan's Fumble towards ecstasy'. This is not a bad reference in my book. In the review in POP (#22) Kjell Häglund means that record sounds like a some kind of slick noisily background, with an old moog and Juno 60-synthesizer plus a electric guitar that raises big waves in the production. Haeglund means that it one deepest female singer/songwriter record of 1996 in Sweden.

Check out the page about Gloria (Sara is a member of that group).


  • Red Eden (1995)
  • Walking through and by (1996)

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