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Bubblegun by the Merrymakers

The Merrymakers

The Merrymakers are a band from the north of Sweden that has had some success in Japan with their first album called 'No sleep 'til famous' from 1995. On this album you can find on of my favourite songs 'Don't tell me'. The album has its moment and they are real good. The second album by the group came in 1998 and was called 'Bubblegum' and was a bit of departure from the sound of the first album. The first album sounded like music from the sixties and the 'Bubblegum' more like nineties music. They are working on their third album at the moment I don't know when it will come out. Look at their official site.


  • No sleep 'til famous (1995)
  • Bubblegun (1998)


The Merrymakers, Bubblegun - PopMatters Music Review
The Merrymakers - Bubblegun
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