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Honey is coolHoney is cool is band based in Gothenburg. The band is John Jern (Guitar), Haakan Hellstoem (Drums), Staffan Larsson (Bass) and Karin Dreijer (Guitars & Vocals). They have released two CDs so far. The one I got is Crazy love from '97. I don't really know that much about the band. The only thing I know that they done a brilliant record (that's enough for me).

Crazy love is one best album of 1997 made in Sweden. Manly because it's different to everything else. Mostly because of Karin Dreijer's singing that makes this record one of those either you like or you hate it. I love the way that she sings. The music is that kind that you don't what to expect next. In the Swedish magazine POP (#23) they say that Karin Dreijer is a small girl and a mature woman in same breath. In the review by Haakan Steen he says that they sounds mix between American indie music, some jazz music, Patty Smith and PJ Harvey, not a bad mix. The first single from the CD is 'Nach heart', if listen to it is good illustration how the CD sounds.


  • Crazy love(1997)
  • Early morning are you working?(1999)

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