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Cardigans latest albumCardigans are most famous for the song 'Love fool' from the motion picture 'Romeo & Julia'. This song was a big hit all around the world. The band started back in Jönköping and then moved to Malmö (both cities in Sweden). They have recorded four albums. The first album is 'Emerdale' with songs like 'Sick & tired' and 'Rise & shine'. Both their first album and their second album ('Life') were successful in Japan. Cardigans second album 'Life' was released in 1995 with the first single from it was 'Carnival'. Both albums were making some waves in England and around Europe. When Cardigans third album 'First band on the moon' were released in 1996 things really happening for the band. The main reason was of course that song ('love fool') was in the motion picture 'Romeo & Julia' and it is a great song. Cardigans now sold millions copies of the album all over the world. Last year they released their fourth album 'Gran turismo' with songs like 'My favourite gams' and the current single 'Erase/rewind'.

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