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What kind of music do I listen to? Good music! What is good music then? I know when I hear an artist if I like it or not. Sure sometimes I don't like an artist at the beginning but slowly I realize that this is something for me. An example on an artist that I didn't like in the beginning was Heather Nova. I saw her video for 'Walk this world' and thought oh no! One day I started to change my mind and started to like her song. Today she is one of my favourite artists. There is an feeling in the music that I am really like that normally get from female singer/songwriters.

The albums that I really like to listen at the moment is Jewel's latest album and Stina Nordenstams new album. I got Stina Nordenstam's album at Christmas last year. I got all her album and there are all very good.

On my site I have tried to give you more of background information about the artist and my personal reflections about the music. I have also created a special site that only deals with female artists that you can find at One part of this site is about some Swedish artist that I really like and hope that more will like to.

The biggest part of my site is the one that deals with my album chart that has been on-line since June of 1997. The album that has spent most weeks at number one position at the moment is the soundtrack to Magnolia. On this album there are mostly songs with Aimee Mann how hadn't released any new material for some years before this record. After the soundtrack and her Oscar nomination she has released an album in her own name.

Every different artist page includes a brief story about them and two other pages with both links to other pages with the artist and the artist's discography. Some of the artist pages I have included other topics to like tour dates and related news to the band. The artists that have the biggest site are Rainbirds with 'Forever Rainbirds'

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Jewel - This way
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Stina Nordenstam - This is Stina Nordenstam
Sophie Zelmani - Sing & dance
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Chris Isaak - Baja sessions
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