If you find this flag Svensk lšnk with a link it means that the site is Swedish only.

If you find this flag Svensk lšnk with a link it means that the site is in Swedish only.

The new things on this page are that now I am trying show you where you can get your own place to put up your site and get an e-mail (both for free). When you have done your site it's time to register it to different search engines so people can find it. Instead to go to every search engine there are on the web there are sites where you can make a your registration to many search engines at the same time without leaving the site.

How to make your site and how to promote it

The first thing you must do if you want to make your site is to get a some kind of tool. There are two different types of tool, there are the one that is easy to use because you don't have know any HTML. HTML is the language that the site that you make is built on. The other type of tool is a editor where you code the HTML-code by your self. If you got the latest version of either Netscape or Internet explorer (both v. 4.x) you have what is called a WSIWG (What you see is what you get) editor with the browser (the easy tool). If you instead want to make the code there are a lot of different editors on the web to download. The editor that I use to create my code is Homesite v1.2. It is bit slow but it have things that I need. If you want to learn HTML there are online guides that can help you. My favourite guide is the one done by Annica Tigers (only in Swedish). It was on this site that I started to learn the HTML-code and still find it useful.

After having created your site it is time to somewhere to put it. If your Internet provider does not have a place to put your site there are places on the Internet that you can use for put up your site without charge. One the most popular places are Geo Cities where you can get a place to put up your site. If you want an e-mail address there are always Hotmail, the best with Hotmail is that you can use it where ever you are in the world (like if you are travelling somewhere).

When you have finished with your site it's time to promote it. Instead of surfing all the search engines you can go to a few sites and register your site. If you note satisfied with only registrations you can always join Link exchange that allows you advertise on other people's site and while you are advertising other people's site on your site. Last but not least if you are interested to have a Guestbook for your guest.

Promote your site

Yahoo - Web_Services -Promotion
The internert protiom megalist

Where to start your surfing?

There are two places in Sweden that are good to start your adventures on the web. They are Passagen and Torget, both have good tips to sites that you might find useful information. An other place is Sunet (Swedish university's network) from this site you can find almost every thing that exists on the web in Sweden (exist both in Swedish version and an English version). On the web you can find both ugly site and cool sites.

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