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The town that I am living is over 1000 years old and has the biggest university in all of Scandinavia (with about 38.000 students). Lund have about 95.000 people living in Lund's kommun (county). In the middle of the town stands the church that used to place for the archbishop of all Scandinavia in the middle ages. In Lund o many of the biggest Swedish companies have branches (like Ericsson, Tetra Laval and Pharmasia - Upjohn). If you are to travel in the area do not forget to look at the 'Öresunds bridge' that are in the making (it should be ready in the year 2000). If you need to find out when the local train leaves you can find the timetable's online here . Are you looking for a job in the region or in all of Sweden check out these links:

af - akademiker

On the pleasure side there are Filmstaden (movies), Palladium(concerts), Mejeriet (concerts) plus the other things. What else is there to tell about the city? In sports Lund is properly best in Handball with LUGI in the highest division and H 43 (my favourite team) in division below. There are two other teams in handball in Lund they are Lunds AI and Lundagård.

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