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Heather recording in New York

At the moment Heather is New York working on a track to her new album with a female producer before this session she has recorded tracks in Los Angeles and London. All the time she writes new songs and if this continues we will have a double CD with Heather. Here is The Heather Nova Newsletter, Issue #48

Heather Nova will in a months time June 26th release a new live album called 'Wonderlust' - read more here.

Heather Nova will also release a new studio album later this year - read more here.

Heather has released the song 'Gloomy Sunday' from the movie 'Ein lied von liebe und tod' on a single. On this single you can also find a video to the song and two tracks that will feature on her live album that will be released in the beginning of the summer. Heather is to start the recording of a new studio album shortly that will be released in the fall of 2000 at the earliest.

Tracks on the Gloomy Sunday single: 'Gloomy Sunday' (Radio edit), 'Gloomy Sunday' (Movie version), 'Make you mine' (live) and 'Widescreen' (live).
Get your own copy at

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Michael's great discography

Short interview of Heather at the Stnolff festival in Brittany By Miguel Blay  and

Pitchfork Internet Media has a review of Heather Nova's "Siren"

Finally the official Heather Nova site is back. On the this site you can find her tour dates to her current European tour. I have added them to my site also (check out tour dates).

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