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Heather Nova OnlineThe official site.
Heather Nova @ Butterfly Informative page at Butterfly records, her former distributor in the UK.

Other pages

Kevin Kosterman Heather Nova site
Wolfgang Ries
Jeremy Bromley's "Frith's Hardware"
Justin Stressman
Female Vocal MusicA site dedicated to female vocalists. Very detailed and up-to-date.
Harmony Ridge MusicAnother site dedicated to promoting female singer/songwriters.
The Ecto Home Page Discussion of 'ectophilic' music, including female singer/songwriters like Heather Nova.
Heather links
Lyrics to Siren
Heather Nova-Portrait of a Lady  by Miguel Blay
'Blood Of Me' - Heather Nova site  by Steve Niewisch
Heather Nova by Jaisen Tomas Mathai

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