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The first record from Heather Nova is the vinyl EP called 'These walls EP' from 1990. The EP have four songs on it and is later released as 'The first recording' back in 1997 (this time on CD). Heather's first real album is 'Glow stars' from 1993. The album is a collection of demos that Heather used to get a record deal. The next album with Heather is a live album that was released in 1993 called 'Blow'. In 1995 Heather released two albums. The albums were Oyster and 'Live from the Milky Way'. Oyster is her second studio album and 'Live from the Milky Way' is her second live album. Her third studio album is Siren from 1998. This album Heather Nova continues to develop as artist. Heather has released the song 'Gloomy Sunday' from the movie 'Ein lied von liebe und tod' on a single. On this single you can also find a video to the song and two tracks that will feature on her live album that will be released in the beginning of the summer. Heather is to start the recording of a new studio album shortly that will be released in the fall of 2000 at the earliest.

Walk this world - Heather NovaThe first song that I heard by Heather was the song Walk this world. It took me a few times before I realise how good the song is. I was in Berlin on trip in the spring of 95 with my university course I decided to buy the album 'Oyster'. In my opinion it's a great album with a lot great tunes on it. At the moment I have 6 CDs with Heather Nova. The one CD that I don't have is the Live album 'Live from the Milky Way' (I have it on tape). I have one hard to get CD with Heather called 'Live in the USA'. This CD I found for cheap price in my local used CD store. The latest album that I bought by Heather is the excellent live CD 'Blow'. Listen to her studio albums you notice that she have developed from the first album 'Glowstars' to the last one 'Siren'. Her music have is more rockier on her last album. The production on the last album is more noticeable than on her two first albums. The question is good or bad? In my opinion all three albums are great.

Siren Siren is in my opinion (as someone cares? :-)) one of the best albums of 1998. Her last album 'Oyster' is great. Siren is as good as Oyster. All the songs on the album are great and that is not a thing that happens on every album. Heather has now really shown that she can make great music. She has don so far three studio albums that very great. There are not that many artists that have made that. This is the third studio album from Heather Nova. Siren includes 14 new songs the first one is the single 'London rain' and 'Heart and shoulder'. Heather has also some songs on some soundtracks. There is 'Believe in angels' from the Crow soundtrack and 'I have the touch' from the Craft soundtrack.

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