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This page has some interesting facts about my album chart. I have just reworked both the information on this page and updated all information on the page. The first 'Fredrik's album chart' was published on the Internet back in the summer of 1997, but the first chart was created in the fall of 1991. Now there have been nearly 430 charts since the beginning back in 1991. On the first chart in 1991 the number one was Rainbirds with their album 'Two faces' and at number two it was Deacon blue was with their album 'Fellow hoodlums'.

The chart has nothing to do with any sales of the records. My chart shows every week what are my favourite albums at the moment. The main criteria are for be on the chart is that I have the album on CD or tape. The only thing that matters is my feelings about the record. The chart is purely based on my personal taste. Important is if I been listening to the album lately. If I also like it surely will rise on the chart. Sometime ago this chart was nominated as site of the day on the Swedish newspaper 'Expressen' site on the 4th of July 1998.

On the first 400 charts there have been different artist has dominated the chart over the years. The first two charts back in 1991 did have two different albums from one artist - Rainbirds at #1. Rainbirds have had 7 albums that have been #1 it's only the live album '' that only reached #3. In 1996 Sarah McLachlan's 'Fumbling towards ecstasy' did spend 12 straight weeks at #1. The album that has spent most weeks at #1 is the soundtrack to Magnolia that included mostly songs from Aimee Mann. It has spent 16 week at the #1 position in 2000-01.

Week 3 the previous years:

1991  No chart that week  - 
1992  Indigo girls  - Nomads, Indians, Saints
1993  Jane Siberry  -  The walking
1994  Cowboy junkies  -  Pale sun crescent moon
1995  No chart that week  - 
1996  No chart that week  - 
1997   No chart that week  - 
1998  The Sundays  -  Static & silence
1999  Billie Myers -  Growing, pains
2000   Cowboy jukies -  Rarities, b-sides and slow, sad waltzes
2001   Various artists -  Magnolia (soundtrack)

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#1 in 1997-2002

last update 020117

16 weeks
Various artists - Magnolia (soundtrack)
12 weeks
Sarah McLachlan - Fumbling towards ecstasy
9 weeks
Heather Nova - Siren
8 weeks
Sam Phillips - The indescribable wow
Aimee Mann - Bachelor No2
Jewel - This way
7 weeks
Gloria - Gloria
Sam Phlillips - Zero zero zero
Nina Gordon - Tonight and the rest of my life
6 weeks
Cowboy junkies - Miles from our home
Chris Isaak - Speak of the devil
XTC - Nonesuch
Del Amitri - Hatful of rain - The best of
5 weeks
Prefab sprout - Andromeda heights
Sarah McLachlan - Surfacing
Rainbirds - Making memory
Chantel Kreviazuk - Under these rocks and stones
Dido - No angel
4 weeks
Indigo girls - Shaming of the sun
Rainbirds -Forever
The Merrymakers -Bubblegun
Sheryl Crow - The Globe sessions
Jessica Einarsson - Allt som en kvinna skall ha

3 weeks
'Til Tuesday - Coming up close - a retrospective
Regina Lund -Unique
Tanya Donelly - Lovesongs for underdogs
Liz Phair -Whiteocolatespaceegg
Loreena McKennitt - The book of secrets
Kate Bush - Hounds of love
Shelby Lynn - I am Shelby Lynn
XTC - Wasp stars
Grand tone music - New direction
Prefab sprout - 38 carat collection
Simon & Garfunkel - The very best of - Tales from New York
Sam Phillips - Fan dance
Suzanne Vega - Songs in red & gray
2 weeks
Sheryl Crow - Sheryl Crow
Grass-show -Something smells good in stinkville
Yvonne - Getting out, getting anywhere
Clannad - Landmarks
Billie Myers - Growing, pains
Lene Marlin - Playing my game
Fjeld - Coming home
Marie Frank - Ancient pleasure
Ebba Forsberg - Been there
Lisa Miskovsky - Lisa Miskovsky
Mobile homes - Mobile homes
Shelby Lynn - Love, Shelby

1 weeks
Veruca salt - Eight arms to hold you
Jill Sobule - Happy town
Max Sharam - A million year girl
Mutts - Mutts
Enya - Paint the sky with stars
Stina Nordenstam -Dynamite
Fra lippo lippi - The best of F.L.L 85-95
The Sundays - Static & silence
Rainbirds - The Mercury years the best of 87-94
Marie Fredriksson - I en tid som vår
XTC - Fossil fuel the XTC singles 1977-92
Loreena McKennitt - The Visit
Loreena McKennitt - The mask and mirror
The Cardigans - Gran turismo
Heather Nova - Blow
Julia Fordham - The Julia Fordham collection
Sam Phillips - Cruel inventions
Indigo girls - Come on now social
Rainbirds - Rainbirdslive.3000
Cowboy junkies - Rarities, b-sides and slow, sad waltzes
Paula Cole - Amen
Robbie Robertson - The native Americans
Various artists - More greatest hits of the 80's
Prefab sprout - The gunman and other stories
Tara MacLean - Silence
Heather Nova - South
Stina Nordenstam - This is Stina Nordenstam

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