Personal and support weapons

Photos by Amfbat and Försvarsmakten

The Ak5 (Assault Rifle 5) derived from the FN FNC, a very rugged rifle because of a cheap design with few parts and easy to handle charachteristics. It looks like it's been designed from the principle; keep it simple stupid. This rifle never fails to fire. Shown here is the most basic and common version. Used by the entire Swedish military forces.

the Ak5B scoped, and...

the Ak5 with the M203 grenade launcher

This is the Ksp90 known in the US and Britain as the MINIMI or SAW, also from Fabrique Nationale. This light machinegun is "replacing" the...

...Ksp58 to a great extent, which is a heavy piece to carry in combat. This is a support weapon that requires both a gunner and a loader to operate it. From the Belgian Fabrique Nationale as well.

The sniper rifle Accuracy International L96A1, Swedish designation PSG90. Used by all sniper elements in the Swedish armed forces.

The Barret "Light Fifty" .50 cal sniper rifle, here demonstrated by a army soldier. As a heavy sniper rifle it's used mainly to destroy materiel like mortars and vehicles.

These are the handgrenades we use.

Pistol 88 or the Glock17 is carried only by officers

This is the Carl Gustav m/84 AT-rifle or Granatgevär. Used when assaulting enemy strongpoints or establishing beacheads but also effective against small boats. Full speed ahead with as much led and explosives on target as possible, that's what it's all about and here the Carl Gustav is excellent for fast, mobile, support.

This is the Mk19 Grenade Gun, used as a support weapon mounted on the Combat Boat or from ashore.

The twin-mount for the .50 HMG on the Combat Boat. Sited just forward of the driver, these are used to "soften" the beach defence en route to the beachhead or as backup support for "ground troops".

Other weapons not featured here:

H&K MP5 (A5 & SD) and Shotguns, used by specialized units
The Ak4 = H&K G3 may be used occasionally, as with the
KPist m/45 (SMG m45), both are older generation weapons.
8 cm Mortar

Bayonets, knives, spades and other things that might come in hand...