FÄDERNESLANDET kräver av envar inom krigsmakten trohet och hängivenhet samt mod, ståndaktighet och segervilja. Kärlek till Fäderneslandet är grunden för vår försvarskraft.

KONUNGENS MAJESTÄT skall hållas i helgd och vördnad. Lydnad och aktning skall visas rikets lagliga styrelse. Lag och rätt skall efterlevas och upprätthållas.

RIKETS FLAGGA Fäderneslandets sinnebild, skall hållas i ära. Fana skall hedras och försvaras.

Ovan finnes tre utdrag som jag inte kunde låta bli att lägga upp här, de är från 'Soldatinstruktion För Armen (Alla Truppslag)' anno 1946.


  2. Amfibiebataljonen - Ubique Vigilans

out of the water
photo: Amfbat

"The human body has a way of telling when it's tired, it falls to the ground to die" - Amfbat Officer

Some pictures of the Swedish Amphibious Corps

Finishing the business! Our Rangers move in close and personal to take care of leftovers...

Learn more about our personal and support weapons



My own pictures...


The De-Luxe Tour of the steeplechase, you don't even have to get wet!
And you don't risk losing your breakfast either! Take a peek... click on the badge below.


The Swedish archipelago is unique, with hundreds of thousands of  islands. Forming a natural barrier to the mainland of Sweden. These islands vary in size and shape in all ways imaginable, well, even unimaginable ones as well. I have a picture here to give you an idea of what it looks like on the map.

In the field, catching a rare moment of relaxation.
The Combat Boat 90H (StriB90H) #840, my boat, our boat, my squads' boat. THE boat. Just behind the cockpit on middeck are the mount for the .50 cal HMG, or maybe a grenade gun?
Here's Westling, one of my pointmen, and myself on our boat, posing for a nice pic...
On this clearly illustrated picture, you can see what your mother thinks of you, your CO's expectations and your own. Most interestingly, you can see what you can actually achieve...
Think again soldier... ON YOUR FEET!!! & GET MOVING!!!

photo: Amfbat






Nil volentibus arduum, quo fas et gloria ducunt.

Ubique Vigilans // Verksam Överallt