All people need to learn how to avoid mistakes at the start of the game, and if you know some of the openings by heart you are much better off then if you're just improvising. If you follow the links and study the info that can be found behind them you should be much more prepared for your following games.

First of all: There are some animated openings that a fellow by the name of Ryan Matreyek has created. Check them out! The catch? Well, he made them while he was playing at the old Zone,so they all start with white moving. But they are very good!

NEW! Bill Lorton (a.k.a. Hogarth) has written a very nice applet which displays openings! It's at

Then I have a list of different openings. This list is "under construction", so it will be updated with more and more opening plays as soon as I get around to it.

For the more advanced players I came across a intresting tale about the Bat opening, written by Graham Brightwell. It discusses the pros and cons about that particular play.

Hopefully I'll get more info soon, and you can bet that it will be added to this page as soon as I get my dirty hands on it!