CD Lista Tepeewestern 

Alla CD 75:-/st.

ArtNr.  Artist  Titel

244 ABBA Waterloo

246 ABBA Arrival Ring Ring

245 Agneta & Frida The voice of ABBA

101 Anderson L Smith C West D m.fl Country stars 2 Country Girls

102 Anderson Lynn Rose Garden

103 Annies Band Country Love Songs

104 Autry Gene The Ultimat Collection

105 Bare Bobby All American Boy


107 Bee Gees Spicks & Speks

108 Bellamy Brothers The Very Best Of

109 Bellamy Brothers The Best Of

110 Boxcar Willie Train Medley

111 Boxcar Willie King Of The Road

112 Boxcar Willie King Of The Railroad

113 Boxcar Willie Truck Driving Son Of A Gun

114 Burdon Eric The Magic Collection

115 Cash Johnny Country Cash

116 Cash Johnny Folsom Prison Blues

117 Cash Johnny I Walk The Line

118 Cash Johnny There You Go

119 Cash Johnny Folsom Pirson

120 Cash Johnny Ballad Of A Teenage Queen

121 Cedermark Roland I Vår Sommardans

122 Checker Chubby Let´s Twist Again

123 Clapton And The Yardbirds For You Love

124 Clapton Eric Experience

125 Cline P Young F Jones G m.fl. Country Love

126 Cline Patsy 20 Golden Memories

127 Cline Patsy Walking After Midnight

128 Cochran Eddie The Original

129 Cochran Eddie C´mon Everybody

130 Creole Zydeco Farmers Live In Louisiana

131 Domino F Haley B Vee B m.fl Cruisin´ volume one

132 Domino F Shannon D Eddy D m.fl. Cruisin´ volume two

133 Domino Fats Blue Monday

134 Domino Fats The Magic Collection

135 Donovan Live

136 Drowsy Maggie & CC Production Riverdance

137 Dublin Theatre Orchestra Riverdance

138 Dubliners Booze Ballads

139 Dubliners Best Of The

140 Duncan H Mc Cann S m.fl Ireland My Ireland

141 Everly Brothers The Hit Collection

142 Flera Artister All American Line Dance Album

143 Flera Artister Line Dancing Hits ( inkl danssteg)

144 Flera Artister Duelling Banjos

145 Flera Artister Louisiana Cajun

146 Flera Artister Music Of Ireland

147 Flera Artister The Haunting Sound Of Pan Pipes

148 Flera Artister Irish Pan Pipes

149 Flera Artister Pan Pipe Irish Dream

150 Flera Artister Trucking Greats

151 Flera Artister Unforgettable Panpipes

240 Flera Artister Irish Favourites vol One

241 Flera Artister Irish Favourites vol Two

242 Flera Artister In A Pan Pipe Mood

248 Flera Artister Panpipe Favourites

152 Grease Songs Form Grease

153 Haggard Merle Country Stars vol. 2

154 Haggard Merle Okie From Muskogee

155 Haggard Merle The Way I Am

156 Haggard Merle Owens Buck Stars Over Bakersfield

157 Haley Bill And The Comets

158 Hendrix Jimi Experiense

159 Hendrix Jimi She´s A Fox

160 Hendrix Jimi Before The Experiense

251 Hendrix Jimi The Magic Collection

161 Horner Diane All Time Country Line Dance

162 Jackson Five The Magic Collection

163 Jackson W Vincent G Young F Rockabilly part 1

164 Jackson W Vincent G Young F Rockabilly part 2

165 Jackson W Vincent G Young F Rpckabilly part 3

166 Jackson Wanda Let´s Have A Party

167 Jankees Dannys Lollies m.fl Höstens Dansbandsmelodier

168 Jennings Waylon Renegade Outlaw Legend

169 Jennings Waylon White Lightning

170 Jones Tom Golden Hits 2 CD

171 Kingston Trio Tom Dooley

238 Lasse Stefanz De Sista Ljuva Åren

172 Lasse Stefanz Sten & stanl. Mfl. Svenska Dansbandsklassiker

173 Lee Brenda Little Miss Dynamite

174 Lewis Jerry Lee Great Balls Of Fire

175 Lewis JL Holly B Berry C m.fl. Rock & Roll vol. 3

176 Linderholm Gösta Lyckans Minut

177 Locklin Hank The Very Best Of

178 Mack Billy & The Texans Line Dancing Hits ( inkl danssteg)

179 Marley B Dillinger Holt J m.fl Greatest Hits 1

180 Marley B Perry L Sterwart R m.fl Rasta Reggae

181 Marley Bob Mellow Mood

182 Marley Bob Soul Shake Down Party

183 Marley Bob The Top Collection

184 Marley Bob Keep On Moving

185 Marley Bob Collection

186 Martin Dean Some Enchanted Evning

187 Moore Gary Blues And Moore

188 Morrison Van The Great

189 Navajo Native American Dance Trance

190 Navajo Dancing Brave

191 Navajo Chants

192 Navajo Legends

250 Nelson R. Cochran E m.fl Red Hot Rockabilly part 2

251 Nelson R. Cochran E m.fl Red Hot Rockabilly part 3

249 Nelson R. The Strikers m.fl Red Hot Rockabilly part 1

193 Nelson W Jennings W Original Outlaws

194 Nelson W Jennings W Cline P m.fl Country Giants vol. 2

195 Nelson Willie Essential

196 Nelson Willie Quality Entertaiment Division

197 Nelson Willie Home Is Where You´re Happy

198 Orbison Roy Sweet Dreams

199 Owens Buck Greatest Hits 1

200 Owens Buck Greatest Hits 2

201 Owens Buck Above And Beyond

202 Parton D Rogers K Nelson W m.fl Country Giants vol. 1

203 Perkins C Lewis JL. M.fl. Let It Rock

204 Perkins Carl Le Meilleur

205 Presley E Domino F Shannon D The Rock´n Roll Collection

206 Presley E Haley B Cochran E m.fl Rock & Roll vol. 2

210 Rambling Irishmen Songs Of Old Ireland

211 Reeves Jim I Love You More

212 Reeves Jim Just Call Me Lonsome

213 Richard L Domino F Shannon D Rock´n Roll Stars

214 Rodgers Jimmie The Original

215 Rogers Kenny I Believe In Music

216 Seeger Pete Pioneer Of Folk Songs

217 Shanes 60-Tals Party

218 Shelton A Harrell B m.fl. The Best Of

219 Smokie The Best Of

220 Spears Billie Jo Stand By Your Man

221 Spears Billie Jo The Best Of

222 Sten & Stanley Jigs Borsch m.fl Bugglåtar

223 Sven Ingvars Hus Till Salu

243 The Dubliners Barnbracks m.fl Ireland My Ireland

224 The Pan Pipers Pan Pipe Spirit

225 Thorleifs Shanes Martinez m.fl Bugglåtar

226 Travis M Rogers K Parton D m.fl. Countr Gold vol. 4

227 Tubb Ernest and Guests Thanks A Lot

228 Tucker T Bellamy B Carmen m.fl. Country Stars Of The 80´s vol 6

229 Wells R Sven Ingvars Drifters m.fl Partyhits 2

230 Wells Robert Sommarnatt

231 Vikingarna Tommys Sten&st. m.fl Sveriges Största Dansband 7

232 Williams Don You´re My Best Friend

233 Williams Don The Shelter Of Your Eyes

234 Williams Don An Evening With

235 Williams Don I Believe In You

236 Wynette Tammy The Best Of

239 Wynette Tammy Divorse

237 Young Faron The Radio Shows vol. 1

247 Zamfir Georghe & Friends The Very Best Of Panpipe