bout 3 km outside the mother camp, Auschwitz I, another camp, KL Auschwitz II – Birkenau, was located. This was the largest section of all three camps. The camp was built in March 1942 in the village Brzezinka. It consisted of about 250 barracks divided on 175 ha of land. Today only a small number of the barracks remain. The prisoners in August, 1944, numbered around 100,000. As many as 200,000 prisoners were confined here during its peak.

Brzezinka - KL Auschwitz II - Birkenau.
Main entrance.



On the left (as seen from the tower) are the brick barracks of which only 45 remain today. On the right 22 wooden barracks may be seen. The rest were destroyed by the SS near the end of the war. Remnants of these barracks can be recognized by their chimneys. The camp had 4 crematoriums with gas chambers. The SS also used fire pits and funeral piles to burn bodies.