Apollo (Apollon)

Zeus had many affairs and one of them was with the goddess Leto. Leto conceived twins but was hated by Hera and not allowed to give birth because Hera imprisoned Ilithyia, the goddess of childbirth. Eventually the other gods persuaded her to let Ilithyia go and Leto gave birth to Apollo and Artemis, his twin sister. At Delphi, Leto had tried to rest but Python, a fearsome dragon, had learned from the Oracle at Delphi that a son of Leto would kill him and sure enough Apollo came to call and killed Python (this earned him the epithet of Pythius). He then became the new god at Delphi and the Oracle gave out his commands. Apollo is primarily the god of prophecy and vaticination, but as a seer he is the patron of poetry and music and the leader of the Muses. As a prophet and magician, he is the patron of medicine and healing. Apollo's second temple was built by bees.