Magica de Spell

ALIAS: "The Saucy Sorceress"
RELATIVES: Poe de Spell (brother); Minima de Spell (niece)
PETS: Poe the Raven (actually her brother)
LIVES: Mt. Vesuvius, Magica's vulcano hideout
CONFIDANTS: Mad Madam Mim; Witch Hazel; Bad Pete; the Beagle Boys; Flintheart Glomgold
RIVALS: Uncle $crooge; Donald Duck; Huey, Dewey & Louie; Gladstone Gander; Goofy; Daisy Duck; April, May & June; Webby.
FIRST APPEARANCE: "Uncle $crooge" #36 in "The Midas Touch" (Dec. 1962)
FIRST FILM APPEARANCE: Semi-regular on the DuckTales series (Sep. 21, 1987).
VOICE ACTOR: June Foray (DuckTales - though she sounded more like the Russian agent Natasha Fatale of "Bullwinkle," than an Italian).
BIOGRAPHICAL DETAILS: Sinister Italian witch, a.k.a. "The Saucy Sorceress", who believes there is great power in $crooge McDuck's Number One Dime, convinced that it will make her the richest and luckiest duck in the world.
Magica occasionally teams with her friend Mad Madam Mim or the Beagle Boys when troubling $crooge.
According to DuckTales, at some point in the past Magica's brother, Poe, was accidently transformed into a raven, and has since become her companion and magical familiar. Originally, Carl Barks had created an occassional companion for Magica - also a raven (though not the same as Poe) - who goes by the name of Ratface.
Magica is a member of magician's guild Sorcerer's Anonymous.
HISTORICAL FACTS: Magica was created by the Duckman Carl Barks.

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