Beagle Boys, Inc.

ALIAS: unknown
RELATIVES: Carl Barks: Apart from the regular Duckburg cast of Beagle Boys (with combinations of the No.:s 1, 6 and 7) there are: President Emeritus [176-001]; Grandpa Blackheart Beagle [186-802 / G-176] (clan progenitor and patriarch), Daddy Beagle; Riverside County Beagles: 176-001; 176-301; 176-331; 176-360; 176-602; 176-616 and 176-711.
Other various stories: Occassionally other Beagles' relatives were presented in stories. These Beagles had actual names, though the names were usually characteristic of their criminal specialty: Einstein Beagle, "Intellectual-176" [I-176], "Supersensitive-176" [S-176], "Stoolie-123", Lippy the Vintriloquist, Uncle Nitwitz, "Psycho-8" [P-8], Auntie and Granny Beagle, etc. A pack of youngsters called the Beagle Brats: [1], [2], & [3] (nephews) have appeared at times. There have also been a trio of little girls (one of whom was named Beatrice) called the Beagle Babes, being the same age as April, May & June.
DuckTales: Apart from the regular cast that were given names (see also Historical Details) there are: Ma Beagle; Bookworm (a.k.a. "Brainy") [167-716] (brother? cousin?); Beagle Brats (a.k.a. Beagle Bullies) that didn't have any numbers; another trio of Beagle Babes (sisters? not the same as the comic book version) that consists of Boom-Boom [382-238], Bouffant [767-171] and Babydoll [776-177]. Other seen relatives are: Bushwack; Bomber; Baffling; Baron von; Backbite; Bankshot; Backwards; Binky; Bacon; Beanball; Buck 'n' Roll; Blitzkreig; Bifocal; Bullseye; Bulkhead; Butterball (cousins & uncles?).
PETS: Ratty the Alley Cat.
LIVES: The regular cast (167-716 and so on) lives in Duckburg, Calisota (USA). Then there's also a patrol (among others: 176-360 and 176-301) that's known to live in the small town of Indio in Riverside County, California (USA)
CONFIDANTS: Flintheart Glomgold; Magica de Spell; Mad Madam Mim.
RIVALS: $crooge McDuck; Super Goof; GizmoDuck; Huey, Dewey and Louie; Gyro Gearloose; other bandits that they feel conquered by.
PARAPHERNALIA: The Book of By-laws, which contain special crime tips.
FIRST APPEARANCE: Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #134 in "Donald Duck: Terror of the Beagle Boys" (Nov. 1951).
FIRST FILM APPEARANCE: Regulars on the DuckTales television series (Sep. 18, 1987).
VOICE ACTORS: June Foray (Ma Beagle); Frank Welker (Bigtime, Baggy); Brian Cummings (Bebop); Peter Cullen (Bankjob); Terrence McGovern (Babyface); Chuck McCann (Bouncer, Burger).

More than just members of a large family, the Beagle Boys are a family clan of organized criminals (Though, since they often bungle their crimal activities, some might argue that they are more disorganized than organized), hence the name "Beagle Boys, Incorporated".
Most of the male members of the Beagle Boys wear orange sweaters, blue trousers and caps, and all of the members of the Beagle clan wear black masks.
Ma Beagle is tough-as-nails and brawny, and often bakes special treats which have hacksaws, hand grenades and machine guns obviously baked within, which easily pass prison security to aid the boys in their escapes from jail.
While they do often commit other crimes, their primary goal (that for which Carl Barks first created them) is stealing the gold from $crooge McDuck's Money Bin.
Despite the fact that they prefer to work alone (only with fellow Beagles), they have been known to team-up with other criminals like Magica de Spell, Bad Pete and Mad Madam Mim. Occasionally they also hire out their services to Flintheart Glomgold.
They are often easily defeated by the cunning of $crooge and his nephews, Super Goof (and even Mickey Mouse), Daisy Duck and her own nieces and also by Grandma Duck.
HISTORICAL FACTS: The Beagle Boys were created by the Duckman Carl Barks as a bungling band of thuggish beagle thieves. In Barks' stories they usually have no specific names and they are entirely stereotypical - they don't bear any specific physical differences other than their arrest card placards (which has a combination of 1s, 6s and 7s - of which the Beagle is also addressed). The only exception is that in some stories it's implied that 176-167 is especially fond of prunes.
Egmont's (the Scandinavian publisher) personality guide for the three leading Beagle Boys states that:
is the smarter and generally tougher leader of the band,
is the dumber one who often tends to foul up the plans, and
is the epicure of the gang with a special liking for prunes.
In the DuckTales series there were seven regular Beagles, all with different names, looks and personalities: Bigtime [167-671], Bouncer [716-167], Burger [761-176 or 176-761], Baggy [617-716], Bankjob [671-167]; Babyface [176-167] and Bugle (a.k.a. Bebop) [671-761], along with Ma Beagle. Typically Ma Beagle, Bigtime or Bankjob acted as the leader. Burger's main character trait was a large appetite, although it was for any food, not just prunes.
In some comic book stories, especially those by Vic Lockman, which ran in their own title comics The Beagle Boys (1964 - 1979) and The Beagle Boys vs. Uncle $crooge (1979 - 1980), the Beagle Boys were often directed by Grandpa "Blackheart" Beagle [G-176], and they had a mascot and sentry in Ratty the Alley Cat.
WORKING THEORIES: Their main task is to steal all of $crooge McDuck's money. As they need special equipment for doing this they have to stay to minor thievery a while or hire themselves out for other's criminal purposes before they're able to mobilise their next assault on the Money Bin.
Their assault-patrols usually consists of 3, 4 or 6 (of which the latter is the most common) members. Despite (or maybe due to?) the fact that they have failed so many times they plan their assaults in detail. The Beagle Boys Inc. are some of the most interesting villains of Duckburg, and most certainly lots of secret rituals and traditions hide under the surface of this ancient criminal band.

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