Uncle $crooge McDuck

ALIAS: "The Richest Duck in the World"
RELATIVES: Check out the Donald Duck Family Tree by Don Rosa.
PETS: Baron Itzy Bitzy the Flea; Lucky the Lemming; Tootsie the Triceratops (DuckTales)
LIVES: Duckburg, Calisota (USA)
CONFIDANTS: Some of his employees are Miss Quackfaster (secretary); Battista (butler in Italian stories); Duckworth (butler in DuckTales); Launchpad McQuack (pilot in DuckTales).
Other related characters: Glittering Goldie (his former fiancÚ); Brigitta MacBridge (wealthy wannabe-paramour)
RIVALS: Flintheart Glomgold; John D. Rockerduck; Magica de Spell; Argus McSwine.
PARAPHERNALIA: His Number One Dime; his Money Bin, which contains over three cubic acres of money
FIRST APPEARANCE: "Christmas on Bear Mountain" in Four-Color #178 (Dec. 1947)
FIRST FILM APPEARANCE: "Scrooge McDuck and Money" (Mar. 23, 1967)
VOICE ACTORS: Bill Thompson ("Scrooge McDuck and Money"); Alan Young ("Mickey's Christmas Carol" and "DuckTales"); Pat Fraley (young $crooge in "DuckTales" episode "Once Upon a Dime" - Dec. 24, 1987).

$crooge is a snappy dresser known for wearing a top hat (that he bought for two dollars in 1910), spectacles, spats, a broadcloth coat (that he bought at a rummage sale in Scotland in 1902). He is often seen carrying a cane. There are sayings that he resides in a mansion with his staff of faithful servants.
$crooge is a fighter, a "duck of iron". He is a very big operator (head of the McDuck Empire) and a dreamer who has conquered commerce on every front and built a monument to himself: the Money Bin which contains over three cubic acres of cash (or five multiplujillion, nine impossibidillion, seven fantasticatrillion dollars and sixteen cents - and he knows exactly where he got each coin)! The inside walls of the bin are marked similar to a swimming pool so he can measure the depth of his "liquid assets" which he, in fact, likes to "dive around in like a porpoise, burrow through like a gopher and toss up and let them hit him on the head" (one of his favorite pastimes).
He will employ any means (miserly of course) to increase or preserve his fortune, except dishonesty.
NOTE: The best source to $crooge's life is by all means the comic book 12-part chronicle called "The Life and Times of $crooge McDuck" by Don Rosa (Uncle $crooge #285-296) - the story of $crooge's history from a poor boy in Scotland, and his rise to wealth and fame. It's built up on every clue to $crooge's past given in Barks' stories.
WORKING THEORIES: "Uncle Scrooge is an environmentalist. He doesn't grow an organic garden, but he keeps a huge compost of money.
He is also an economist. He firmly believes that money must be circulated. He circulates his with a bulldozer.
He is a conservationist. He never throws anything away - especially money. He still has the first dime he ever earned - and all the others he has earned since.
Uncle Scrooge is an expert on economic gimmicks. You have all heard of President Reagan's Trickle Down theory. Uncle Scrooge has a better one - the Trickle Back theory. It works like this: When he pays his nephews their wages of thirty cents an hour he knows they will use the money to buy tall, fizzy sodas at the nearest soda fountain. Then the soda fountain people will use the money to buy more fizzy ingredients at the chemical factories, and the chemical factory people will buy their ingredients from the coal tar factories - and who owns the coal tar factories? Uncle Scrooge! By the time those thirty centses have trickled back to Uncle Scrooge they have grown to sixty centses.
Uncle Scrooge is not so successful as a philosopher. He claims that his riches never gave him an unfair advantage in business dealings. All, he says, because he made his money honestly. He doesn't realize that that very honesty gave him an unfair advantage. He was the only guy using that system.

- Carl Barks 1991
HISTORICAL FACTS: Uncle $crooge was created by the Duckman Carl Barks.

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