Gallery 1:

The Exhibition

Some models folded by Anders Törnevad (left) and Odette Rosier (right)

Origami models by D. Brill

Models folded by members of Origami Finland

T-rex and Triceratops skeletons by Issei Yoshino, folded by Sadi Sandell

Models folded by Claudine Pisasale

Models folded by Dino Andreozzi

Models by Fernando Gilgado

Models folded by Paul Slater

Models by Thoki Yenn

Models folded by Massimo Dotto

Stars by Tatiana Khliamova

Models folded by Peter Budai

Models by Martin Wall


Models folded by Rikard Bremark (12 years old)

Happy birthday Lillian Oppenheimer from All of Us

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