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Who and what are we?

Origami Sweden is a politically and religiously neutral society whose main aim is to encourage and develop the art of origami within Sweden.

We also aim to establish far-reaching international co-operation through, mainly, an exchange of diagrams and other origami related literature as well as cultural exchange through the participation in international conventions where experiences are discussed and exchanged. At the present we exchange diagrams, magazines and ideas with ten, or so, foreign societies such as the British Origami Society, Origami USA, Israel Origami Art Society, Origami Deutschland, Centro Diffusione Origami (Italy), Mouvement Francais Plieurs de Papier (France) and S:t Petersburg Origami Center (Russia). We also seek co-operation with different institutions, other societies with various and similar interests which are related to our area of interest as well as to partake in different cultural festivals and happenings.

Officially founded in October 1997 the society now has app. 70 paying members, mainly from Stockholm, but national and international members are of course also welcome to join the society.

What do we do?

Since the founding it has been our intention to hold member meetings twice each month where members are given the opportunity to learn new techniques and models. We have held mini work-shops combined with origami displays on Stockholm libraries.

We have just published the second edition of our magazine "Pappersvikaren" (The paperfolder) which we intend to publish four times per year.

Our address is:
Origami Sverige
c/o Andreozzi
Tre Källors Väg 15 NB

E-mail: origami.sverige@home.se


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