Psg 90

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The snipertradition in Sweden died when the sniperrifle G m/41 was retired. Even if the Ak 4 could be fitted with a scope and one rifleman in each armored infantry and infantryplatoon had one he was not really a sniper but rather a marksman. The Ak 5B with a scope did not change this since it is issued one per squad. The snipertradition was revived and a quest for the right weapon started. The choise fell on a british rifle that was modified. Boltactionoperated and with a bipod it is a true sniperrifle allowing accuracy out to extreme ranges. The boltaction mechanism is fast to operate to allow rapid engagements of multiple targets out to maximum range. A subcalibre ammunition is used but for training the normal 7,62 NATO is adequate in most cases. The rangerunits and the infantry specialize in snipertactics with sniperteams of two with one Psg 90 and one ak 5B that disturb enemy activity within kilometersquare XX. The soldiers in the mechanized brigades using it (the reconcompanies has a few of them) are more of   marksmen than snipers.

Calibre: 7,62mm NATO


Magazine capacity: 9 Rounds