Pbv 301

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The need for a replacement of the KP-car as well as the evolving threat of air assaults, amphibious assaults and the nuclear threat prompted the development of an armored vehicle that could not only transport the infantry but support them with effective fire as well as take out other APCs with its own armament. It was found that the old Strv m/41 could be converted into an APC/IFV and in 1957 two prototypes were ordered. These were delivered in the winter of 1959. In June 1960 220 Pbv 301 were ordered. All were delivered in april 1963. The automatic cannon was taken from the J-21 fighter aircraft. The engine was a modified aircraft engine. Aircooled and developing 150 hp. The transmission a semiautomatic Praga-Wilson with 5 gears.

Weight. 11,7 tons

Speed. 45 km/h

Crew: 2 + 8 infantrymen

Armament: 1 20mm automatic cannon m/45B