Pansarskott m/68

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The Pansarskott m/68 was designed to replace the old pansarskott m/46. Of much more modern design it was clear improvement and must be considered superior to its contemporaries such as the M72 LAW that used a rocket instead of a grenade and had a smaller calibre leading to inferior penetrention and effect behind armor. The m/68 was still easily portable but not telescopic like the M72. It had an effective range of up to 150 meters and 74mm calibre guaranteed penetrention of all APCs of its time and a fighting chanse to take out tanks if fired from the flank in numbers. The range was still limited and the main antitank fire power was in the Grg m/48 of the squad/platoon or the 9 cm recoilless rifle at companylevel. The sight was a bit complicated and took some time training to be effective. A 9 mm subcalibre training weapon was used. Compared to the Pansarskott m/86 or AT-4 it is a very inferior weapon but it was adequate for its day and none had any better.