Pansarskott m/46 

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The need for a portable anti-tank weapon other than molotovcocktails and the apparant success of the bazooka, panzerfaust and Panzerschreck led to the aquistion of a number of recoiless weapons for the infantry. The most famous is the Grg m/48 described elsewhere. Disposable anttank weapons in the Panzerfauststyle had an appeal and resulted in the Pansarskott m/46. The resamblance to the panzerfaust is obvious.

The weapon fired a HEAT round and had a maximum range of 90 meters. Pracical range was said to be 70 meters. There were three practice versions. One firing a full calibre wooden dud, one 6,5 mm subcalibre practice weapon and one 30 mm subcalibre practice weapon.

The weapon was still in use in the late sixties.