Ksp 58

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Ksp 58

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Ksp 58 Strv mounted on the "S"-tank

The belgian FN MAG was chosen in 1958 as the new light mashinegun for the swedish army. It replaced the Ksp m/42, Kg m/21, Kg m/37, Kg m/39 and Kg m/40 as squad and platoonlevel automatic weapons. It was a wise choise. The alternative M-60 was chosen by few while the MAG has set something of a world standard. Even the USA has started to replace the M-60 with the MAG or M-240 forty years later. The Ksp 58 is a reliable weapon with good accuracy and good firepower. Exchanging the barrel is exteremly fast and hardly interferes with the ability to deliver lead and steel on target. Initially it used the swedish calibre of 6,5 mm but this was changed when the AK 4 replaced the K-pist m/45 and the Ag m/42.  Each swedish armored infantry or infantry squad has had one but this is now to be increased to two. They are also widely used as AAMG on trucks and platoon level weapons for pioneers or other support units. Three were mounted on every "S" tank. The air force rangers, the coastal rangers and some other specialunits also use the Ksp 90 (US M-249) that also is of belgian origin (MINIMI). It is not universally popular however. The Ksp 90 is not in use with the army.

Calibre: 7,62 NATO

Weight: 11 kg

Ammunition: Belts of 50 that can be connected. Normal box contains 5 x 50 = 250 rounds. A pouch for offensive work can be fitted that contains 1 belt, 50 rounds, but in practice takes 100 rounds in two connected belts. Each of the tree guns on the "S" had a magazine with 10 belts = 500 ready rounds for each gun.

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A mashinegun team in the m/90 uniform and the new kevlar helmet 90.