K-pist m/45(B)

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The submashinegun m/45 and the modified version the m/45B are among the most famous of swedish weapons. There also is a "C"-version being able to mount a bayonet. Being popular with the CIA during the Vietnam war it was even fitted with an americanmade silencer. In Sweden it was the standard arm for leaders platoonleaders and higher commanders, heavy weapon crews such as recoiless rifle crews and AFV crews until the early ninties when it was replaced in the brigades by the Ak 5. It still serves in these roles in the territorial defence units as well as in the home guard units. An excellent weapon in its class it is extremely simple and reliable and fairly accurate up to 150 meters. With the m/39B ammunition it will pierce many bulletproof vests at close combat range. This ammunition is known as a "Cop killer" in America and logically prohibited for civilians. Many tankers miss the m/45 and would gladly trade their Ak 5 for the older, smaller, sturdier and in vehicles more handy m/45.

Calibre: 9 mm

Weight: 4,5 kg loaded

Magazine capacity: 36 rounds