Grg m/48

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From the left three HEAT rounds, a HE round, a smoke round (white phosphorous) and an illumination round

The Grg m/48 is a portable recoilless rifle of swedish design that is among the most succesful weapons in history. It is used by Norway, Denmark, Germany, Britain, Canada and Australia to mention a few. The potential for firing improved ammunition of all kinds has allowed this ageing weapon to remain one of the most versatile weapons ever designed. It replaced the Rg m/49 and m/51 that were rocketlaunchers and basicly copies of the late Panzerschreck. Firing a grenade rather than a rocket it is less affected by wind and has better range with good accuracy. It is used by all units of the swedish army and is the main weapon in the armored infantry and infantry squads for fighting dismounted. These have one in each squad. A trained crew will manage better than six rounds a minute. Amunition includes HEAT, HE, Smoke and Illuminationrounds. A thrill to fire (and load, since the backblast knocks the wind out of the loader) it is a good APC-killer and a platoon massing its rifles at the flank of a tank has good prospect of taking it out. A modern version, m/86, is made of carbonfibre and weighs much less. It is not used in peacetime.

Calibre: 8,4 cm

Weight: 14 kg

Range: Known range and optical sights 400 meters, estimated range and iron sights 200 meters.

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This soldier demonstrates the prone firing stance. Note the support under the left hand preventing the weapon from becoming front heavy during the firing causing the rounds to hit short of target. All body part are out of the backblastarea. This is the preferred firing stance of course.

The kneeling firing stance is the most commonly used due to the underbrush making it impossible to fire from a prone position in most wooded areas without extensive fire preparations. The stance allows for good accuracy but at the expense of being able to track fast moving flank targets.